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i c o n c r a c k

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Icon Crack - An elite fandom icon challenge
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.icon crack.
about Welcome to Icon Crack! We were the first ever elite icon challenge community for all fandoms, established in 2005! Membership is by invitation only and you can apply to become a member at the application post over here where the mods will judge your icons and give you an answer. We will only accept people whose icons are unique, creative and of a high standard. If your application is not successful or you don't feel you are ready to join you can still watch the community and learn.

rules - All fandom and actors are allowed to be entered unless otherwise stated.
- Members and non members can vote.
- You may only enter one entry unless otherwise stated
- Do not post spoilery icons (even under a cut)
- When applying, make the subject of the post "the sock gap" so we know you've read the rules. Apply to THIS POST ONLY

This community is the brain child of misstress_tink and is run by misstress_tink.

You may be wondering why its called Icon Crack? Well you may not but I thought I'd say anyway! Basically I was looking for a good name for an elite challenge, didn't like the word elite, looked up synonyms for it and found crack. I thought it was rather amusing and I do feel like icon making is a drug, so... tada!

timeline Challenges will run from Sunday pm till Saturday am when voting will be posted.


- application post
- previous winners


- good_fanicons
- good_vmicons
- isayweparty
- biteable_icons
- thesatanpit
- ouat_elite
- tv_lims

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