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Submit your application to this post only

1. Please read the rules before applying.
2. At the top of your application, introduce yourself with your name and the journal you primarily use for icons.
3. This community is a challenge community, if you are not going to participate then do not apply. Just watch the community instead.
4. If you are not mature enough to handle rejection and constructive criticism PLEASE DO NOT BOTHER APPLYING. We only want the best icons here but that does not mean we think we are better than you. We just want to create something brilliant! We will give you a yes or no answer, and explain why.
5. If you are not accepted, you are welcome to apply again after you feel you have improved.
6. Post anywhere between 5-15 of your best icons of any fandoms.
7. Make the subject of your post "The sock gap" so we know you read the rules.
8. You must be accepted by the mod who is misstress_tink
9. You can check your invites by going to this page
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