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Thanks for giving me time to post one last thing, I wrote up this tut and I don't want it to go to waste!
and thank you for the chance to post here for a week, it was exciting. :3

Tutorial requested by whatdemydid:


Start off with your image, resizing down a few times and then cropping into a 200x200 square. (I then resized to 100x100 for tutorial purposes.)

A solid fill layer of #362306 on Exclusion, 100%.

A really simple curves layer. Just drag the bottom point along to Input: 26 Output: 0, and the top point to Input: 214 Output: 255.

Selective color:

RED: Cyan -10, Magenta +32, Yellow +32
WHITES: Cyan +26, Magenta +23, Yellow +32
NEUTRALS: Magenta +7, Yellow +2
BLACKS: Cyan +6, Magenta +5, Yellow +6

A gradient layer of #A6F590 smeared along the side, set to Screen 50%

Another curves layer!

RGB: Input 206, Output 186
RED: Input 134, Output 167
GREEN: Input 164, Output 149
BLUE: Input 202, Output 173

A solid fill layer of #1F0309 set to Exclusion 60%

It was a little too dark so I duplicated the base and set it to screen 45%. Then I used a soft brush on layer mask to erase the bottom of the icon because it didn't need more light.

A smeared light texture of some kind (idk where it's from, haha) along the side set to screen 100%. The actual light part of it was #9FA896 so if you're playing along at home... some color like that would work.

A blob of white on soft light 100% over the marshal's face and shoulder.

A fill layer of #D295D9 set to Exclusion 23%. Because I just can't leave anything be I used a layer mask to very subtly reduce the opacity towards the middle of the icon. idk if it's even noticable.

Pretty much done now... a duplicate of the base set to Overlay 100%. I made another layer mask and used a light grey brush to paint over the marshal's face. This is optional obviously, I just wanted the features to remain visible, but if you like a more sharply contrasted look you can skip that.

A little bit of #DCD7C5 along the side of the icon set to Screen 100%.

I didn't want the luggage in the corner to be a focus point in the icon so I made a blob of #A179DF to cover it and set it to Color Burn 71%. (Normally I might use a black soft light layer but it just didn't feel right for this icon I guess.)

Flatten the icon, duplicate it, Filter > Other > High Pass 0.5, set that layer to soft light. I played with the opacity to see how sharp I wanted it and left the layer at 50%.

Finally a brightness layer at +8. Tada! Resize down to 100x100 if you haven't yet and you're done.

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